0022 – Denying the Truth –

Denying the truth –

In a global society full of challenges and ideas, it can create a confusing medium for us. We were sometimes fed with lots of data in the form of texts, videos, pictures and audios. Some can be very provoking and unrealistic; while others can be just filthy jokes and one’s views with influential words and descriptions.

We recently heard and saw a video clip about a male (female?) who support fully the close proximity of the same gender in a sexual relationship. He (she?) disagreed the Islamic way of condemning this practice. He (she?) is completely denying the truth. Think of the consequence it can affect to the structure of the genealogy. Everything will be chaotic when the husband will be the wife and vice versa.

Diseases will be spreading and the society will be very weak and limp. Even though he/she has a fixed soul mate, the deviated practices will be very unclean and unhygienic. Germs and virus will be intact in the blood stream. Government will spend billions of dollars to handle the victims. Research upon research will continue endlessly. New form of bacteria and virus will mutate and become resistant. Scientists and professionals will waste their time to combat this. Eventually the more prioritized tasks will be hindered to be accomplished.

In this, Allah mentions in the Holy Qur’an ‘Liwath’ is very sinful and He doesn’t order it for no reasons. Syariah Law is there to guide mankind and it’s not totally barbaric. If we think and analyze it with only one eye, it looks wrong. But try to see with both eyes and think outside the box. Male and female are meant to be together to bear the next generations and multiply. If same gender marriage is legalized, there will be a big full-stop to humankind population.

Today you may say that it is okay, but in the long run the pain will be there. As I mentioned before; there will be weak family bondings. Children will not be able to recognize and differentiate between a father and a mother. Their mind-set and behavior will be affected emotionally and spiritually. Even though sperm inoculations can be done; blood brother and sister can marry accidentally. This will produce weak babies and don’t live long. The family tree will again be in a chaos.

Self-esteem, confidence, trust, accountability, family-values will disintegrate. What we have will be a society with no status just like a group of creatures of no proper family levels. So believe me; Syariah Law is there to ease us and not to burden our souls or shoulders. No matter where you go; denying the truth will guide you to no where and finally will take you back to the basic root. Allah creates us and He knows what is best for His creations. If you continue to deviate from it; it will bring you to no-where. The beauty of the Syriah Law will eventually makes you comprehend why Allah makes this for mankind –

Masjid Pandan, Jalan Pandan 7, Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam ~

Masjid Pandan, Jalan Pandan 7, Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam ~


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