0020 She chose it – Let’s ponder the beauty

  • When Allah creates life; He made it for reasons. Rules and guidance are set for us to follow and ponder. He gives us time to see at every angle. The benefits, the kindness, the beauty, the human/environment relationships, the universe, space, time and the logic behind His creations. The water for us to survive, the air that contains oxygen for us to breathe, the night that makes us rest, the day that makes us work, the fields for the goats to graze, the ocean for us to communicate and travel from places to places, our hands, legs and other body parts for us to feel the air, heat and cold, emotions for us to express our feelings. Try to digest what this lady tried to convey and the message is simple; He creates this world for no reason and that is perfectly true –

One thought on “0020 She chose it – Let’s ponder the beauty

  1. Pei-Pei is making the right choice; here no matter what ethnic you are. Islam is for everyone. It is a strong religion with guides and rules which look unthinkable at first glance but if we keep on pondering; we can see the beauty in it. Islam is a very understanding religion and it makes one’s life going smoothly and is indeed the truth. Let’s finish watching this 12 minute you-tube clip.

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